The Beginnings of Mother's Love

Heart made of rose petals


People have babies, give birth, and bring up children in many different circumstances. Surprising as it may be to some, not everyone conceives a child within the traditional structure of the nuclear family, and of course that doesn't have to be a bad thing - far from it. In spite of these differences, what unites 99.9% of those who choose to carry a pregnancy to term is that they want to care for their growing child in the best way possible. They also want to be true to themselves and their values. Pregnancy can often be a time for positive change in this regard, leading women to make changes in many different aspects of their lives, for the better.

Having a baby can also be an important trigger for women to look after themselves, and to educate themselves about the processes that are happening to them minute by minute. It could also be a jumping off point into greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-reflection and empowerment. It could even be the beginnings of feminism for the uninitiated.

These insights are the underpinnings of what began Mother's Love for us as an idea. We want to help equip you with the tools to have a healthier and happier pregnancy, and for this to take you forward into a life of permanent and continual self-care. You all deserve it.

Not everyone can afford or find a suitable doula - someone who supports a woman practically and emotionally through pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally. A doula can also be a powerful advocate for a woman's rights all the way along. We'd encourage you to seek one out if you feel this is right for you; they say there's a doula for every woman, you just need to find the right match. Doula UK is a great place to start.

Many would agree that emotional and practical support during pregnancy and childbirth shouldn't be seen as a luxury available only to those who can afford it. Birth Companions (who we support financially) and Doulas Without Borders are two wonderful organisations providing birth support to those in the criminal justice system or those facing multiple disadvantage.

No matter whether you choose to seek out a doula or not, there remain important steps you can take to look after yourself on your pregnancy journey. Our Mother's Love subscription boxes have been curated with care to help you on your way with what we see as some of the most vital products you will need. They're also kind to the planet too, and with just three boxes, we won't be sending you endless items that will go unloved and unused. Sustainability is a big deal for us. To this end, all our products are made from organic, natural ingredients and are plastic-free or recyclable, minimising the use of unnecessary packaging. We also source only cruelty free vegan products in our boxes, which means we don't include candles or lip balms that use beeswax. Our Mother's Love boxes are all made of recycled cardboard, and we'd encourage you to reuse or recycle these too. All our products are full size -we don’t go in for small sample sizes as we hope you’ll love the products as much as us! It’s also better in sustainability terms. 

In terms of contributing to good causes, you'll be helping to support women with every purchase, with 10% of every sale going to support the women's charities Birthrights and Birth Companions. So by looking after yourself, you'll also be supporting women and children throughout the UK too. We also support independent bookshops throughout the UK as an affiliate of We want to share some of the best books on pregnancy and childbirth that we know - you can check out our Mother's Love Bookshop here!

We're so looking forward to helping you on your journey of motherhood and pregnancy, drawing on our many years of childbearing, parenting and doula work. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions, however big or small.

In love and friendship,

The Mother's Love team