About us

With years of childbearing, parenting, and doula training behind us we decided to launch Mother's Love, a simple ethical gift box or subscription box for the mindful mother-to-be, new mother, and parent.

Our boxes have been curated with ethics at their heart: we work with small businesses that use natural and organic ingredients, produce vegan and cruelty free products, and wherever possible are plastic free, recycled, and fully recyclable themselves. We also work with small scale artisan makers, artists and designers, and source a small range of beautiful Fairtrade goods too.

10% of our total sales revenue (rather than simply profit) is donated to the women's charities Birthrights and Birth Companions, with 5% of sales donated to each charity. So by supporting yourself or others by buying from us, you'll also be supporting other families in the UK in a real and significant way. 

We support local and independent bookshops as an affiliate of Bookshop.org, where we have our own Mother’s Love Bookshop. You can explore some of our favourite books on pregnancy and childbirth here.

As well as running Mother’s Love we also form part of the doula community in the U.K, and work for the human rights and dignity of women and birthing people in childbirth. We’re also busy raising children! 

You can read more about our story in our first blog post: The Beginnings of Mothers Love here. Our FAQs also provide further information on the ethical provenance of our products. Thank you for your support!