Charities we support

Mother's Love is delighted to support the charities Birth Companions and Birthrights through our small business. Each charity receives 5% of total Mother's Love sales in donations, meaning that 10% of each sale goes to support both these amazing charities.

Birth Companions is a charity offering practical and emotional support to pregnant women and new mothers experiencing disadvantage in prison and in the community.

They believe that no woman should go through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood on her own and offer non-judgemental, woman-centred, trauma-informed services developed through 25 years’ experience to ensure that every mother has the support she needs to give her baby the best possible start in life, whatever her circumstances.

They are committed to improving care for women who experience the effects of multiple disadvantage during pregnancy and early motherhood, leading research and developing policy to drive positive change in systems and services. Visit the Birth Companions website here.


Birthrights champions respectful care during pregnancy and childbirth by protecting human rights. They provide advice and information to women and birthing people, train doctors and midwives, and campaign to change maternity policy and systems. They are a charity, independent of government and the NHS.

COVID-19 has brought human rights in childbirth to the fore, with restrictions in maternity services leading to women hearing devastating news or even giving birth alone, parents being separated from babies, and severe limitations on birth choices. During the pandemic, Birthrights has supported over 1000 people with direct advice, reached over 4000 professionals through training and events, and secured vital changes to national and local policies and decisions, to safeguard basic rights.

Birthrights is a small charity with a big mission, which they couldn’t achieve without their wonderful friends, corporate partners, funders, supporters and volunteers.

Additional Mother's Love Initiatives

Mother's Love donates a number of gift boxes annually to support refugee women under the care of Doulas Without Borders.

Doulas Without Borders (CIC) is a UK wide network of volunteers offering accessible, grassroots services to women and childbearing people experiencing multiple disadvantage and financial hardship during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

Doulas Without Borders believes that a calm, supported mother or parent who is able to bond with their baby moves society one step closer to a resilient, connected and well-adapted next generation.

Find out more by accessing the Doulas Without Borders website here: